CyberPuppets™ – like it was 1999

So, now that Animata has made it so easy to build interactive puppets, I thought it would be neat to dust off the CyberPuppets™, that ZWM (zany, wacky, madcap) gang that graced the early versions of Bad Mind Time™. This would have been around 1997 or 1998 – – although Happy Deth Puppet (the yellow one) made his debut with v. 1.0 on July 25, 1995* .


cybers01And remember, since this was done in Director (3.5 if I’m not completely brainded), you’ll need to install the Shockwave plug-in (Mac users – there’s probably a way to install this in Firefox, but I’ve only had luck on Intel-based machines with the Rosetta version of Safari—you know the little dance – select the Safari icon in the Apps folder, Apple – i to Get Info, click on ‘Open using Rosetta’.). 
cybers02CyberPuppets™ were never really about the absolute, greatest drop-ded fantastic coding. Nothing I’ve done has ever been really amazing code – – 99% of Bad Mind Time™ included. I’ve always depended on the weirdness of strangers – – strange text, strange graphics, strange music – – to redeem my unredeemable programming skills.
cybers03I did actually use the CyberPuppets™ in a live performance as introductory hosts to the Decatur Hot Shorts Film Festival of 1998. Ah, Decatur, GA  – – that oasis of artistic tolerance in the vast cultural wasteland which was Atlanta in the 1990s (more on this on some later pathetic, self-pitying post).
cybers04Here are, of course, the very subtle and understated Non-Sexual Puppets™. They never had names.


And here’s the officious, pretentious, and all too autobiographically-based Ian.




* (yes, that was the real date – – but that version bore little resemblance to what would follow. All the work from 1995-97 was mostly about learning Director and Lingo.)


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