Video Wall, Video Ball: YouTube as avant-garde mosh pit

videoBallCUHere we go, folks:  the latest incarnation of the (post-) Post Modern Choir* whooping it up in a YouTube video wall, and also appearing in Jennifer Jacob’s lovely YouDisco video ball. Big thanks to the fine batch of students from this summer’s Practicum and DIS  courses who participated!

And here’s one trick for turning a consumer/pop culture artifact (like YouTube or an iPod) into an avant-garde platform is harnessing the power of multiple channels: upload a lot of individual videos where only one thing (or one note) happens, then find your own way of mixing everything together. But you gotta break things down by function, or else the end result will be . . . boring. More on this a little later—it’s a little too book-premise-y for a blog.

You might also think of this piece as a mash-up between a Warhol-esque screen test and a Ligeti-inspired pitch cluster. That particular realization came after I finished it, though.


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