New Projects + Shows

Ah, autumn! Time for pretty decaying vegetation, tropical storms, and new art projects (sometimes, these three things are one).

So, between October 16 and 31, 2010, come to the lovely Second Avenue Studio, in the main floor lobby of the Askew Tower (111 E. Las Olas Blvd.) on the downtown Ft. Lauderdale campus of FAU, and see my art exhibitions, ULTRA MEGA NANO META™. There will be much questionable digital art there, and if you come on Tuesday, October 26 between 4pm and 7pm, you’ll see a performance by meme™, media experimental ensemble™, presenting some recent work, including New Misplaced Enthusiasms. You’ve got to like the names, right? No?

And, regrettably, there’s more! On November 16 (also a Tuesday), come to the gala opening of the new Living Room Theatres/ School of Communications and Multimedia Studies Building on the Boca campus of FAU. I’ll be unveiling my latest film IXION, an experimental auto-stereoscopic film, which I want to call ‘Do-it-yourself-3D’. More.


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