Post-PostModernism? There’s an app for that!

It’s mNotation™! Well, OK, not exactly an iPhone app . . . but if (in that mythical perfect tech world) iPhones and iPads could run Flash, then yes indeed, there would be mNotation™, the uberfantastic music notation generating software, for any number and combination of orchestral instruments, for any length of time!

So, after eleven years of life as a Shockwave/Lingo based project, mNotation™ has emerged in a slightly more useful form. Last Tuesday on the FAU main campus (Boca Raton, FL), the Grand Opening of the Living Room Theaters / Culture and Society Building was heralded by these three brave brass players (Bud Caputo and Brian Stanley, both FAU Adjunct Faculty, and Giovanni Garcia, Graduate Assistant in Horn), and a subtle yet subversive short film called “Ixion“.

Is it digital modernism? PostModernism? Post-PostModernism, without the seemingly requisite tone of unconscious optimism? Let the discussion begin!

That’s what three brass players would sound like. How about nine, with a gloriously gooey cathedral-length reverb added? OK, that would sound like this.

And, if all of the above is too opaque, boring, or just not con tempo enough for you, here is the slideshow:


2 thoughts on “Post-PostModernism? There’s an app for that!

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