Reich Owns It!

By ‘It’ I mean, the last quarter of the 20th Century (personally, I got nothin’!).

Here‘s a video recorded for Japanese television in 2008, for Steve Reich’s 70th Birthday. It includes Daniel Variations (2006), and the venerable Music for 18 Musicians (1976) and Different Trains (1988).

This may have been available on the InterTubes for awhile, but I just stumbled upon it. So, for those who are interested, Different Trains is (along with A Survivor from Warsaw by Schoenberg) one of the two truly great works dedicated to the Holocaust (sorry, Mr. Spielberg. Sorry, Mr. Weisel.). Music for 18 Musicians is (along with Einstein on the Beach by Wilson/Glass) one of the defining works of the Minimalist movement. A little personal history with these works (20+ years for Trains, 30+ years for 18 Musicians) affords one a bit of . . . perspective.

So, watch, listen, and learn.

And a belated happy birthday, Mr. Reich!

(and p.s., you know the other 20th century work that featured two bass clarinets, right? Le Sacre, or “Soccer? What’s that?” in the words of Walt Disney as he was being presented with ideas for ‘Fantasia‘ in the early 1940’s . . .)


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