Houses I Did Not Buy (Photo Essay) . . . and , uhm, a Free Book!


You know, sometimes it’s just nice to STEP AWAY FROM THE TECH—and I know you know what I mean . . .  all the motion graphics, and programming and really sophisticated sound design—and just look at a photoessay, a slide show, a set of photos, a Flickr, however you want to characterize it. This is my little slideshow, “Houses I Did Not Buy”, shot is the mysterious land of south Florida in 2008 and the first month of 2009. Oh, and also, I guess a self-acknowledgement that I’ve been taking still photographs since 1971, so that would be about 41 years of composition through a lens.

So, here  they are. Enjoy!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

* * * * *

Oh, right. The other part of that title. OK, so here’s the link (0355-3) for you to download my book, H y b r i d  F o r m s  a n d  S y n c r e t i c  H o r i z o n s ! I figure I’m not making any money on it, so why should anyone else ( such as, my publisher, not a person as much as a title-mill. And if nobody edits it but yourself, it’s not even a ‘book’ in the eyes of academe.) So, i’m over all that now. Yay!


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