Inkub-8 Debrief

OK, so here’s a bunch of unedited images from the Inkub8 show from April (Yes, I’m still working on the video). In case you’re curious, the visuals projected behind the dancers are reacting to their motion, and the imagery is processed through the Rutt-Etra video synthesizer plug in in Quartz Composer. The soundtrack (which will accompany the video) was created live using a set of modules my Advanced Interactive Multimedia class built last spring. Dancers were given a time-track wherein they responded to instructions to execute one of 12 choreographic phrases they created themselves. The order and duration of those phrases I created using my all-purpose Hexagram of Trichords, so there is indeed a structure behind this! Three narrative texts from SkyRon™’s Tranzmishunz were chanted during the non-dance interludes between solo, duet, and quartet.

And now, the slide show:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

(Photo credit: Lindsey Croston).


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