Kinect, PureData, and Quartz Workshop at Sweat Records


I presented a demo/workshop on using Kinect to control live visuals and music at Sweat Records, 5505 NE 2nd Ave, Miami on Sunday, Feb. 2. Part of the FilmGate Interactive Media Conference:, and FaceBook Event Page.

Here’s what will you need to re-create the workshop part of the show:

  • a reasonably modern laptop (sorry, the software is not yet ported for tablets or phones),
  • a pair of headphones, and
  • much patience!

Here’s how you should proceed:

  1. Download PureData 0.43.4– extended for your laptop. Read how to do that here (WindowsMac, orLinuxnote – these tutorials are using an earlier version of Pd, so some screens may not look exactly like they do in the tutorial).
  2. Make these test patches:  123.
  3. (You may need to check sound and make sure everything works – turn on ‘DSP’ and make sure you select your proper audio output under Media > Audio Settings. This is no longer under ‘Preferences’ like it says in the Floss Tutorials. Read this tutorial if you have problems with the sound. A really in-depth tutorial on configuring the audio is here, but you may not need it unless troubleshooting doesn’t work.)
  4. Look at the ‘theremin‘ part of my KinectKombo™ (the link  is to a PureData file that will download), and the three patches of that project for you to build (main application, router, and performance interface).

And long overdue, my Kinect skeleton gif —share da Kinect Luv!


The powerpoint deck for the presentation is here—enjoy!


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