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My ongoing antagonism with the popular press has had a number of bubbling-forths of text and image. Here are a few of my favorites :
MelanchoLalaland™ (2015). Newsprint, radio, and TV blurbs of my transmedia opera.
MasterMind Awards (2009). Spread from Broward/Palm Beach New Times  announcing finalists of their MasterMind competition.
Dusie/Flarf Concert Review (2006). Review of the fabled “Flarf Goes to College” concert at Dickinson University.
Multimedia Maven (Oregon, 2003). Student newspaper interview for University of Oregon’s Daily Emerald.
Motelhaus Exhibition (Oregon, 2002). Article on exhibit.
Print 2000 Annual. My page in the November, 2000 issue of PRINT Magazine.
Thunder, Perfect Mind Video. Ancient (1987) article on my bowed piano piece, and its video.
P.S. Coming soon: my first appearance as guest composer for a major orchestra (1980), where the reviewer pays more attention to my polyester suit than my music, although the polyester suit was indeed an awesomeness to behold.

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