Introductory Ten Minute Tour of BAD MIND TIME™

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You can spend a thousand years in BAD MIND TIME™, but it will only seem like ten minutes. Or is it the other way around? Anyway, to enter BAD MIND TIME™ Classic—click here . Oh, and, are you looking at this on your iPad or iPhone? Then, you’re outta luck—it’s Flash based (although, I’m working on an iPad version, but need more . . . uhm, money, to do that right now!).

A new browser window will open—Bad Mind Time™ – The Defining Experience! Whoa! This is the MAIN INTERFACE page (a blue-grey motion graphic with a metallic bar on the bottom).


Click on small white triangle in lower right corner to reveal the NAVIGATION BAR.

BMT_tour02Explore the icons. For your ten minute tour, click on whichever icons interest you, explore each for a minute or two.

But, every tour of BAD MIND TIME™ really should include:

1. Interactive Digital Theatre:

  • Dave Saga™†
  • Advanced Circus™†

2. Interactive Musics:

  • Web Symphony™
  • DigiMusic

3. Comic and MetaComic:
Blob Sez™

4.  Interactive Texts:

  • Let’s Get Critical™
  • The New Bad Poetry™

6. Video Documentation of Ancient Interactive Modules (circa 1996-1997) that no longer work in contemporary browsers (but I’m trying to get them ported over to modern and mobile platforms).

Enjoy, and be disturbed!


† Contains AMUSING or OFFENSIVE material, depending on your perspective. Maybe the only amusing or offensive thing about any of this is its breathtaking commercial un-viability, coupled with its uneasy independence from an identifiable fine-art ‘scene’. Say, you should cook up your own critique of all this!

* Requires Shockwave plug-in (get that here).


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