body painting™

(nota bene – –  oddly enough, this page has nothing to do with ‘painting ON bodies’, and more to do with ‘painting, digitally, with images of body parts’, although that’s only the beginning.)

(and one more note: body painting™ is currently ‘really bad’ on Mac OS Lion. The only key that works well is ‘T’ for text. I’m trying to figure out why.–JB)

OK, it’s time once again for body painting™  (from BAD MIND TIME™) which began life in 1996, on some completely obscure CD-ROM (to be spotted in a future Antiques Roadshow, no doubt). Now, you can waste hours on it, in a recent port that actually still works on most browsers (except for Internet Explorer). Of course, you need to download and install the fabled Shockwave plugin.

But give it a spin! Capture some screenshots, and share them below!

(p.s. and could not everybody make “The Phallic Forest”? Thanks!) (which means everybody will make “The Phallic Forest”! OK, fine. We’ll have a phallic forest contest!)



Now, I’ve been working with an image-hose functionality in Processing. Watch here for a future release of Body Painting™’s successor—one that will run on all platforms! Here’s a sneak peek:


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