IXION™ (2010) – 4:18. My purpose was to bring to motion form the phenomenon of do-it-yourself stereoscopic viewing, which not everybody can do, it seems. But, you can try by making the film play full screen, and standing a comfortable distance from the screen, and letting your eyes go out of alignment so you see two images floating in front of you. Superimpose the two sets of images so they overlap in the middle, and you’ve done it. NOTE: this can result in headache or eyestrain for some people, so take it easy at first. Suggest you start around 2:29 – – that’s probably the easiest way to proceed.

IXION™ will premiere at the grand opening of the Living Room Theaters Building, future home of the School of Communication and Multimedia Studies on the Florida Atlantic University main campus in Boca Raton, on November 16, 2010.

down/Side (2009) (8:20) is an Escher-like examination of space and memory, through a marvelous collaboration with Clarence Brooks, Director of Dance Programs at Florida Atlantic University, who choreographed and performed the piece. It was presented at the FAU 2009 Dance Festival, and at the 2009 Re/Bound Dance /Film Festival (New Haven, CT).

The text overlay for this landscape of posterized black-and-white imagery and granular synthesis soundtrack can be further investigated here. Currently, a rather cruddy copy of the film is available on the Publication of Archival Library and Museum Materials website. Video from the film is available for VJ remixing under Creative Common license at

Sticky Notes™ (2008) – 28:30. A solitary digital idiot (played by SkyRon™ in his breakthrough role) pens cryptic funny drawings on yellow sticky notes, each with short suggestions on how to proceed in one’s life (collect people, don’t do that thing, be petty, etc.). These notes become the background for mostly abstract or ambiguous motion graphics or highly processed video. More . . .

As a project which was essentially shot with no budget, the film was premiered at Zero Film Festival in Los Angeles (December 2008).

Projek Iaght™(2005; Remix Version, 2010) – 3:38. It’s a short digital database film I made with the help of my students. I asked them to do image searches on Google or Flickr for words like graffiti, body art, party, hiphop, kromp, iaght, street, hood, gangsta, DJ, skateboard, cool, punk, etc. They each grabbed 300 images per word and made 10-second video clips that I edited together. Each frame of this film is a different image. At 30 images per second, that’s about 6,300 images. The soundtrack is a series of microsongs—pop songs I compressed in time so each one is five seconds, and I added some additional vocal and electronic elements.

Projeck Iaght™ was included in the New York Minute and San Francisco Bay-enniel Film Festivals. The original 2005 version is featured on my DVD Triage™ (2007), available online at

* * * * * * * * * * *

Earlier films such as VideoJam v.1.0 (2004) and American Sock™ (2001) will be added here, soon!


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