NEW RELEASE: PARADOXA™ (1998) for SATB Choir, with multiple pitch and tempo tracks. Based on The Enigma of Bologna (1548). Score.

Trialogue™ and Interludes (2011)—Live or online chantings, alternated with live remixes of mixable media. Sparse online version. Alternate version with distracting vacation images. Score of opening section. Texts taken from TranzMishunz™ by SkyRon™ (2011). Performed as accompaniment to dancers interacting with 3D reactive visuals at FAU’s 2011 Faculty Biennial.


(2010) — Online random music notation generating software.

New Misplaced Enthusiasms™ (2010) — Mixable electronic sound media (not yet released).

String Quartet™ (2010) 26:10 — Ensemble work for amplified string quartet, digital audio, and mNotation™ software.

Sextet™(2010) 45:00 — Mixed open instrumentation map (time structure) for six players (instrumentalists and/or visualists) and mNotation™ software.

Video Wall from BLUE HAMMER (2009) – 4 – 6 minutes. The third section from BLUE HAMMER Vocal Ambience realized by multiple performers on a 9 X 9 matrix of online video screens.

Unstable Music™ (2008) – 32:00. Digital sound essay.

* * * * *

ANATOMY OF MELANCHOLY™ (2005) – 1:20:00. Digital Media Opera, three major roles, four minor roles, chorus, orchestra, live electronic media (visual and sonic). Excerpts from work performed at Future Music Oregon (2004, Eugene, OR) and at College Art Association ARTSpace performance gallery for annual convention (2005, Atlanta, GA). Performance materials available online at

* * * * *

Works from 1983-2005 for soloists, various instrumental/vocal ensembles, and electronic scores available online at


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