Welcome to MelanchoLalaland™!

It’s the 21st century, and time to re-invent opera, but in a way that’s more fun, less pretentious, and a little messed up.

[Above, the video documentation of the complete performance.]

We, (that would be me, composer/director Joey Bargsten, with my co-producer/librettist Thea Zimmer) presented our multimedia opera,  MelanchoLalaland™at Miami Beach Cinematheque on Sunday, September 13, 2015 . Funded in part by the Knight Foundation, MelanchoLalaland™ included local singers and dancers in a live mix with video, animation, and digital music.

While the text of MelanchoLalaland is sung, it is far from traditional opera. The production’s plot is decidedly postmodern and unstuffy, with a setting both chilling and comic.

Visit the official MelanchoLalaland™ site.

View historical documents, like the first press release.

Read unofficial and unsanctioned synopsis.

View what the local press had to say about it.

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