NOTE: mNotation™ is currently being updated to work on all modern browsers and mobile devices. Right now, only the string parts are updated—please stand by for more developments!

This is mNotation™, an asynchronous, real-time, random music notation generating system, for desktops, laptops,netbooks,  or mobile devices (Flash-based, hence no iPhone or iPad for now).

It’s for any number of instrument-playing humans, providing a structured yet different-every-time concert experience, or accompaniment to spoken word, theatre, or visualist performance. It lasts any duration of time.

mNotation™ is the current re-working of my post-Cage, post-Minimalist, post-Post-Modern, and possibly post-capitalist Web Symphony™ — and it’s now broadened beyond the ‘symphony’ label (although that particular label has had a rich and diverse history) to be adaptable to a variety of performance situations and contexts.

Since it’s still an in-progress work, there’s only a limited number of finished parts. But, you can also test-drive a generic treble and generic bass part. The note range may exceed your instrument’s range, or not quite fit it. I’m working on other parts* right now, and the complete project will take a while. Would you like to commission (or collaborate on) a particular part? Email me!

When you open the app, you choose the density of activity you want to experience (soloist, small group, large ensemble). You can also select the vocabulary, either a very basic one (whole, half, quarter notes, duplets and triplets), or ‘Special FX’, which, in the final finished state would send you to idiomatic effects for that particular instrument  (like sul ponticello for strings or fluttertongue for some winds or harmon mute for some brass). Right now, it’s just listed as ‘Special FX’, so the player has the option of improvising an idiomatic technique on (or around) the pitch(es) presented.

And I have no problem with mNotation™ as just part of the mix—Maybe it’s just what’s going on along with your fantastic VJ set—this might be what your classically trained orchestral musician friends do to be part of your show (or what some smart mob from the School of Music does for kicks on a slow day). Just thoughts. . .

So, try this out, and let me know your thoughts!


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