Sample Works and Scores

Several musical scores are available for free download at Additional performance parts and materials can be found at, and some performance recordings and documentation are on SoundCloud, Vimeo, and YouTube. Selective catalog and CV. 

OPERA (with Live Digital Media)

MelanchoLalaland™ (2015) 90 minutes. Video documentation, synopsis, press, and sample scene piano/vocal reduction. Performance materials available for rental, serious inquiries only.

CONCERT ARIA  (Mezzo Soprano and Orchestra)

Casual (Sex) Friday™ (2015) 22 minutes. Intermezzo between acts of transmedia opera MelanchoLalaland™ (2015). Score, original story, audio recording featuring mezzo soprano Katharine Goeldner.

ORCHESTRA (with Live Digital Media)

DisTonea™ (work in progress) (2017) 12 minutes. I. PanGlossia™ (audio recording), II. Dance Nica™ (audio recording).

t00n mmix (previously Tarot Cartoons) (2009) 11-26 minutes. Score.

VOCAL ENSEMBLE (using mobile pitch/tempo tracks)

Blue Hammer (2009) 9 minutes. Score of vocal ambience,  video wall, audio suite of incidental music/sound design of entire project, including vocal segments.

Memento Mori (2001) 11 minutes. Vocal score, audio recording.

Paradoxa (1998) 6 minutes. Vocal score, audio recording.


String Quartet (using mnotation™ random notation generation software) (2010) 26 minutes. Score.

Ixion for brass trio  (using mNotation™ random notation generation software) and Stereoscopic Digital Film (2010) 9 minutes. Video documentation:


Thunder, Perfect Mind for 15 performers bowing 3 grand pianos (1984) 7 minutes. Overview, score, and audio recording.


SEMA: Rumi’s Dance for solo piano (1987) 18 minutes. Score, audio recording.

gymnopuppies ii for trumpet, viola, bass clarinet, and prepared piano (1983). Score.

Five Songs for soprano and piano (1982) 9 minutes. Score.


The Bad Mind Time™ Digital Symphonies (1991-2005). Archive of 12 hours of electroacoustic experimentation. More information.


Bohlen-Pierce (Microtonal) Synthesizer. PureData patch for converting any MIDI keyboard to a microtonal device (2016). Overview, includes score to Three Microtonal Etudes (2016), audio recording.

The Kombo™. Motion-controlled quad theremin and sample player (2013).  Overview, video documentation.


Bad Mind Time™ CD-ROM, interactive website, DVD (1995-2003). Overview, 2003 Version Online [requires Adobe Flash Player and Shockwave, will not function on iOS devices, does not work in Chrome], review of 2000 edition.


Hybrid Forms and Syncretic Horizons: Speculations on Experimental Digital Media (2011). Download, online interactive version (requires Flash Player) and artist’s book versionfd (.pdf).