t00n™ (mmix)

t00n(tm) - music and media project

download complete orchestral score – PDF format, 6.9MB

download composer’s CV – Word format, 70KB

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t00n™ (mmix) – Concerto for Orchestra and Live Digital Media


t00n™ is a concert work for orchestra and live digital media (experimental sound design, video graphics) that integrates the great tradition of the orchestra with exciting possibilities of new technology.

It’s a piece that invites young people who’ve grown up with the Internet, video games, and every kind of electronic music to the concert hall for an engaging and sensational new piece. As a World Premiere for your symphony orchestra, it gives the group added exposure and prestige. t00n™ is also a natural choice for your orchestra’s community outreach.

Support will prepare this work for performance (score printed, parts extracted, etc). I’m in the process of proposing various matching grants, and I will look forward to working with your organization in making a lasting contribution to your local new music and new media community.


Joey Bargsten has been composing music and creating experimental media and films since 1978.

His music has been played by the Indianapolis Symphony and the St. Paul Chamber Orchestra, and has been featured at the New York University Film Festival, the Atlanta Arts Festival, and on National Public Radio’s International Concert Hall.

He received awards from New Media Magazine’s INVISION Competition and PRINT Magazine’sInteraction 2000 Annual for BAD MIND TIME™ , an interactive CD-ROM/DVD/website that has been described as “a charming personal entertainment system where Joycean puns and references to game shows collide randomly in an idiosyncratic homage to twentieth century art and pop culture.” (—Print Magazine). BAD MIND TIME(tm) also won the audience award at the 2004 Stuttgart Filmwinter Expanded Media Festival, and was included in the 2005 Web Bienniale.

He recently completed his digital do-it-yourself iPod opera, ANATOMY OF MELANCHOLY™, and has presented excerpts at the College Art Association Conference, and at Future Music Oregon. His digital film American Sock™  (2001) was included in the 2002 Fluxus International Digital Festival, and won a Silver International Design Award from Broadcast Design Association (Los Angeles, 2002). His search-engine art film PROJEK IAGHT™ (2005) was shown at the New York Minute Film Festival, and the San Francisco Bay-enniale (2005).

Joey Bargsten has taught at University of Iowa, Georgia Tech, Atlanta College of Art and University of Oregon. He is currently teaching in the School of Communication and Multimedia Studies at Florida Atlantic University, where he has created the experimental media ensemble meme™. Bargsten recently announced the publication of his first book, Hybrid Forms and Syncretic Horizons (2011).


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