(And I should clarify that by THEATRE I mean live performance projects)

Whenever I tell anyone I’m a composer, usually they ask, “Oh? What instrument do you play?”. Then I explain to them that I usually prefer to tell performers what to do (a paraphrase of a Cage quote), instead of playing something myself. But, yes, I do perform, although again I need to explain to those who are curious that my performing can involve instrument and vocal exploration, and live digital audio and video mixing (video jamming or visualism). I’m not someone who will sit down at the piano and pound out ‘Gimme Shelter’ or Radiohead. I will sit down at a piano and make my own Ives/Nancarrow/Bartok inspired blend of modernist keyboard salad, however (but, again, that’s only one kind of approach, and one based on that problematic term ‘improvisation’).

Anyway, most of my current performances are through meme™. If you wander back in time far enough, however, you’ll find my earlier experimental ensemble, phobia nova™.


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