Phobia Nova™ (1992-2005)

phobiaNovaFormed in 1992 in Atlanta, phobia nova™ was an electronic/acoustic music ensemble which performed original works. At the heart of the ensemble was a group of composer/performers, each with an eclectic yet impassioned and personal approach to performance and composition. The alumni of phobia nova™ have included Howard Wershil, John Cerreta, Scott Burland, Dick Robinson, Wanda Baker, and Joey Bargsten.

Notable performances included the High Museum of Art (Atlanta) De Kooning Retrospective (1994) and an appearance at the Philadelphia Museum of Art in conjunction with the John Cage exhibition Holy Rolly Over (1995). In 1997, the ensemble curated Sound Alley for the Atlanta Arts Festival, an ongoing sound installation and performed a non-stop seven-hour improvisatory set. For the opening of a Whole Foods Market in 1998, the group performed on various food items amplified through contact microphones, with Wanda Baker literally singing a number of recipes of healthy dishes. The group’s most recent performance was in 2005, at the ARTSpace Gallery for performance at the College Art Association Annual Convention in Atlanta.

phobia nova™ created a number of CDs that were released and distributed privately.


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