Trialog, the INKUB-8 Performance


So, here’s finally a rough-cut of the April performance of Detainer Series: Trialog at INKUB8 in Miami.

More information on the entire project here.


Voice-Over: Filmmaker’s Curse or Unexplored Territory?

OK, so we’ve all seen that great scene in Adaptation where the Great Screenplay Writer Dood (Robert McKee) tells the Nicholas Cage character that, to  paraphrase, to use voice-overs is a cop-out, an easy way out, an idiot loozer’s approach (way paraphrasing there).

So, that was, naturally, the scene that stuck in my mind the longest. “Hey, wait a minute! “, I thought, “voice-over is about the only narrative- thingy I do in my films, like down/side (below), and Sticky Notes™, and my live experiments with meme™“.

I’m concluding that “what I do” includes voice-over narratives, visuals, music, and other activities, each of which have nothing to do, for the most part, with each other! And that is fine by me. Yes, I can see where one might see voice-overs as a easy and non-cinematic solution, especially if you’re doing a remake of Casablanca (but, please don’t!). It is simply another tool in the filmmaker’s tool shed, and like any tool, it can be made dull by overuse (god—horrible metaphor!).

A brand new export for web of my 2009 film, down/side: