Have a Kick-Acid™ Summer!

[youtube http://youtu.be/zbp70u0poFg]

For those of you who can’t sit through that interminable 3-minute video below, here’s the 48-second musical example, wherein our hero, dorkotronix™ (a.k.a., SkyRon™ without his usual deformed-face mask and dredlocks, and with dark glasses and a dust mask), plays a lovely chanson  à trois voix by Clément Janequin from 1552. No, wait, this is that new musical genre for generation attention-deficit-disorder known as kick-acid™, which is characterized by having a comic/pathetic figure noodle away on an iTar-D™ over a driving 180BPM track previoulsy generated from that quaint iPod app, iSyn, accompanied by a disturbing back-and-forth rocking motion. There’s your Grove’s Dictionary definition.


Dorkotronix™ Presents Guitar-iPad-iPod Hybrid

Oh no! That  obscure Canadian kick-acid or suck-acid (depending on your preference) band Dorkotronix Industries™ has shamelessly ripped off SkyRon™’s dream hybrid-guitar-iPad-iPod instrument mentioned last year. Named the iTar(model)D™, the instrument is made up of an iPod and an iPad mounted on a guitar-form-factor frame. More information at http://dorkotronix.skyron.org. Oh, wait, I guess they must’ve collaborated on this.

Anyway, the post-internet-marketing band’s frontman, Industry, recently talked about DI’s innovative (non) business model:

We don’t rehearse, perform, or even write a song until we get the money upfront. Why waste time? If you want to hear a song, you pay for it, and then we’ll make it for you. Otherwise, you know, whatever. And we don’t even have a site, or a fan-base. Just this one video for now. Not even a Facebook page. We’re outsourcing all that stuff to those who are more industrious than we are.