SkyRon™ Performs a Sui Generis “DisTonea™”

So, SkyRon™ has been buggin’ me for a while, to put a more-or-less definitive version of his performance on Kombo™ (quad-theremin/sample player) online. Here it is!

This can be understood in terms of the little paper I wrote a while ago, which has astonishingly, to date, garnered more than 1,600 views!


Houses I Did Not Buy (Photo Essay) . . . and , uhm, a Free Book!


You know, sometimes it’s just nice to STEP AWAY FROM THE TECH—and I know you know what I mean . . .  all the motion graphics, and programming and really sophisticated sound design—and just look at a photoessay, a slide show, a set of photos, a Flickr, however you want to characterize it. This is my little slideshow, “Houses I Did Not Buy”, shot is the mysterious land of south Florida in 2008 and the first month of 2009. Oh, and also, I guess a self-acknowledgement that I’ve been taking still photographs since 1971, so that would be about 41 years of composition through a lens.

So, here  they are. Enjoy!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

* * * * *

Oh, right. The other part of that title. OK, so here’s the link (0355-3) for you to download my book, H y b r i d  F o r m s  a n d  S y n c r e t i c  H o r i z o n s ! I figure I’m not making any money on it, so why should anyone else ( such as, my publisher, not a person as much as a title-mill. And if nobody edits it but yourself, it’s not even a ‘book’ in the eyes of academe.) So, i’m over all that now. Yay!

New Look for The BAD MIND TIME™ Experience!

Hi, welcome to the blog-looking face of The BAD MIND TIME™ Experience site!

You might wonder what’s going on on the BAD MIND TIME™ site . Well, it’s getting an extreme makeover: a snappy 3D interface (yeah, we’ll see how that goes), new hosting (moving from premium to free – -now, why do you suppose I’d do that?), and this hazy notion of BMT™ as a “digital ecosystem of mind + media + meaning”.

Anyway, if you want a preview of the site, go here. Anything might be happening to it in the next few days or weeks, so hold on tight, we’re in for a bumpy transition!

And, as always, the DVDs I’ve made over the past few years are available here.  As in, “you can actually buy them, with your own dwindling money supply, on Amazon, just like everything else, you know, books, CDs, appliances, Segways, etc.”. Why buy my DVDs? For a temporary reprieve from suffering and meaning, yuck yuck!