Return of the Graffiti Tourist

Just returned from a couple of weeks in London and Paris, and rather than buy you all cheap crappy souvenirs, I collected some local graffiti.

So, like the graffiti I collected in Italy a few years back, this new batch ranges from spray paint tags to sticker art to epic stencil work. Some of the items below are even signed (as in Konny’s weeping beauty outside the Pompidou Center), or no longer require signature, as in Space Invader’s ubiquitous (and quite tasteful) tiles, or Shepard Fairey’s Obey Giant (unfortunately, I was on a bus and unable to pull out the camera fast enough to snap a photo of one on the outskirts of London). Included in this set are two shots each of the graffiti on Oscar Wilde’s and Jim Morrison’s gravesites (or at least the poor tree near Jim’s marker). And unlike South Florida, you almost never see white vans without some decoration.

More to come! And you can always read my little essay on so-called ‘illegal art’ practices here (you will find it under Forms > Meta > Subversive Practices).

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