Quartz Composer

UPDATE: My Initial Discoveries on QC tand Kinect

Quartz Alternatives Presentation: zip file of materials, outline (.pdf).

Adventures in Quartz, my virtual presentation for INTED 2012, Valencia, Spain.

Intro to QC 4 – – with some tips for importing your 3D geometries into it.

My First Set of QC Comps — most using live video inputs. Add a QuickTime Clips and Stills.

Second and Third Sets of OC comps —multiple video frames; image filter and club background.

Sets Four Through Six plus Original Club Lisa QC Comps

Sound Comps plus Paint Globs

The Datamosh plug-in  More about Datamosh in the ‘Vocabularies‘ section of my book.

The Video Synth plug-in and more QC comps (and background on Rutt-Etra Video Synth).

Curly Code 3D drawing system for QC, unfortunately not a public beta, but some inspiring work!

(NOTE: As of this writing, Datamosh plug-in only works in 32-bit mode in QC. Find the QC app icon, select it, press command-i for info, and select ‘open in 32-bit mode’. Also, both Rutt-Etra and Datamosh are plug-ins you have to add to your QC plug-in folder – – Hard Drive > Library > Graphics > Quartz Composer Plug-ins )

An Introductory Video Feedback Tutorial

Irishman’s Guide to Quartz— 1 Simple Cube • 2 VDMX Inputs • 3 LFO interpolation  • 4. Coremelt plugins (also VDMX setup)

Quartz on Vimeo—GoTo10 : 1 Bouncing Ball I  •  2 Bouncing Ball II  •  3. QC/VDMX Feedback  •   4. Double Helix •  5 QC plugins for VDMX  •  6 Dynamic Slideshow  • 7 Drawing

QuartzComposer.Com — one of the most comprehensive resources

An initial review of QC 4.0 from 2009, plus more information on importing 3D models into QC.

Apple QC User Guide

Related to Videojamming with Quartz:

VDMX Download

VDMX Wiki and Manual

Synapse for Kinect (and Live, QC, Max/Jitter, etc.)

FaceOSC – what a hoot! (download FaceOSC and Osculator on this page, then find an audio app that responds to OSC or MIDI controls).


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