TranzMishUnz™ by SkyRon™

TranzMishUnz™ is a collection of nearly 960 pages of “verbal storyboards” by Skynard Ronstein™, known the world over as SkyRon™, beloved idiot-of-the-digital-age and self-abuse artist. An excerpt of this magnum (referring to the condom) opus (referring to the penguin) was recently published in Hybrid Forms and Syncretic Horizons (p.77-81).

The online version of the full text is here.

The full text (Books I—V, plus interludes from Anatomy of Melancholy) is now published under the Creative Commons license that allows you to do anything with the text—read, copy, remix, embellish, perform, film—as long as you credit him, clear it with him if you’re earning money from your version, and release it under the same license. Go to for more info on that.

—blurb graciously supplied by author

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