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VR Show at FFF



Glitch Gallery™ Main Floor

Last Saturday (April 28) at the Flamingo Film Festival my Multimedia Practicum students presented 10 Virtual Reality Environments in our ongoing project Glitch Gallery™, assisted by MTEn graduate student Gus DeWinkler.




Tuesday’s class performing my iPhone vocal piece Blue Hammer Ambience #2 (2009) 


I invited my students to to work collaboratively in small groups to produce a series of ten virtual reality (VR) experiences, which were arranged in the Glitch Gallery™ main floor, surrounded by glitch art and datamosh videos, also created by the students. Among the experiences: you can play miniature golf, visit a creepy hospital, explore trippy otherworldly places, or get hit by a bus.



Brandon, Hannah, and Taylor demonstrate their VR Scene, Bangerz Maze


Great job, all, and thanks to Gus for making this all work!

Update from Sabbaticalville

A few projects created during my sabbatical will be highlighted here soon.

This meditative (yeah, right!) 3D/VR environment—Meditatio™—features procedural terrain and algorithmic music generated when the four characters collide with the ‘ocean’:


Meditatio : 3D/VR environment with generative terrain and soundtrack

Stand-alone player will be shared soon! (Only available on MacOS right now)

Hurricanes can be . . .motivational

In spite of (or partly because of) a Cat 4 hurricane 80 miles away, I finished a little Bohlen-Pierce project (synth in PureData, academic paper, and three compositional etudes):
I’ve found writing and producing music—or writing about it—helps distract me momentarily from impending disaster (or not). We really dodged a bullet here, south of Ft. Lauderdale.
So until next time, I leave you with the microtones of Bohlen-Pierce ringing in your ears!

MEME™—the reboot

meme_2015_white]OK, so it’s been two years since you’ve heard anything about meme™, my little experimental media ensemble project.

The reason is, of course, my multimedia opera project MelanchoLalaland™, which received its premiere in Miami Beach almost two months ago. It was a big project, and it consumed all the oxygen around it!

meme™ is being re-branded as MEME™—MTEn Experimental Media Ensemble—named after the MFA program at FAU I teach in, and which provides me with an opportunity to explore that interesting intersection between digital media and live performance.

So, MEME™ will be performing this Thursday, November 12, 2015, at the Schmidt Gallery Public Space on the Boca Raton campus of Florida Atlantic University, between 6:30pm and 8:30pm, the opening of the tenth Faculty Biennial. (Facebook Event Page).